Tuesday, September 18, 2007

what up

a few sneaks of my Studio Calico pages. this kit is awesome. I feel like it was put together just for me. This whole DT thing is a definite challenge......to only use what's in the kit....that's hard. It's such a great kit but I've got to add stamps. Thank goodness I'm able to do that.
I literally snuck out of work early yesterday with my bosses permission of course. I just didn't feel like letting my coworkers know for the sake of not hearing their smarmy comments on leaving early. So I quietly turned off my the lights to my office and headed out. I'm sure I'll hear it today though......"we missed you yesterday". blugh. such BS when they say that.

What did I do with my extra time.........I took a nap. I know, I know but I'm a big napper. I'd be in bed by 8pm if I didn't. I am kicking my laundry's ass though. And I got some good ol' scrapping and journaling done.

My very favorite chocolate. I love to let it melt in my mouth and savour the taste of goodness. I scrapped, snacked, and watched the Hills.
The wind was so bad last night. It was grey and oh so gloomy. Perfect weather for staying in and chillin'.
Ok, Hills talk.
Heidi takes the cake for being the biggest witch right now. When she yelled goodbye to LC and Jason in the restaurant.....I would of smacked a bitch. Really, I don't think I could walked out there without putting her in check. But then again, I wouldn't want to look like the crazy one.
I heart Whitney. That is what I wanted to do when I was in high school, work for a fashion magazine. My heart was set on going to the Art Institute in Seattle for fashion but it just didn't go that way. No complaints though. I couldn't hang.

Today will be a long day. I need to make up the time I took off yesterday. Because I will be stuck here for lunch which may not be such a bad think considering the rain, I brought crab and sweet corn chowder, a box of black pepper Triscuits, and the newest issue of US Weekly. That should keep me occupied here and out of the mall. Well, not like I have a choice anyway.


OH, Oh.......forgot the most important thing.
I am soon approaching my 100th post.
Party time
Well, maybe not a party.
But I want to do something cool like some RAK's maybe?
What do you think?
I'm going to throw down a challenge, give you a few days to post it here and choose a winner or two, randomly.
So stay tuned.


Vee said...

wheee, a party!!! I so agree with you Heidi seriously gets on my nerves and she is soooo fake. So glad you got to leave early from work.
I so enjoyed doing your jack!! I can't wait to see more of your dt gallery at studio calico. :)
you are like me, i brought my dares book to work today, lol!
check you later!!

joanne (spagirl) said...

tina ... love the sneaks!!
i watch the hills too ...
and think whitney is a good friend to LC! i have to watch monday's episode yet!!

Nicole said...

i may have to look into this Hills show...you and Vee talk about it like it's the next best thing, lol!

lovin' your sneaks...can't wait to see the full thing!!


Jenn said...

Ooooh! Good sneak peeks!! Now I'm really wanting to see your pages!

Courtney DeLaura said...

OH I love The Hills - want to do a marathon in my pj's with lots of junk food and no kids :) ohhhh the pre kids nothing to do days!!!


april said...

love the sneaks!

Holly said...

Love the peekies! So, for First Friday...I was thinking Dami Sushi downtown (have you tried that place?) or Benihana. Whatcha think?

Erin said...

fun sneaks here too!
missed new Hills...I usually catch it on a replay over the weekend.

Tiffany said...

I LOVE the HILLS!!!!!!! Okay at first I felt bad for Heidi, but she is seriously an idiot. I would have smacked her too. I LOVE Whitney too....she is so cute and probably the least likely to cause drama! And what about Elodie putting Heidi in her place!!!!!! Bwahahah! love it. Thanks for the sneaks girly. You rock hardcore!

Cheryl Wray said...

Those page peeks look great!!
A party with RAKs sounds good to me! :-)

Anonymous said...

okay i just had to comment, is that not the best chocolate bar known to man?! Love it and your work is beautiful!

Barb said...

I heart Elody.
Love that she told Heidi how it is!

And Cadbury. . . you've reminded me just how much I love those mini eggs @ Easter time.

Michelle said...

..Hills, chocolate, and scrapping = dream day....ahhh...=) Love the sneaks!

dondrea b said...

I'm getting gearing up for The Hills tonight. Hope you are too!

Can't wait to see what you've designed for SC!