Saturday, September 22, 2007

morning sunshine

There is only one person that is allowed to say that to me and that is my Grandmother. I say this because there is an annoying coworker that insist on walking by my office and blurting "good morning sunshine" in a very smart-ass tone because I'm not the most chipper person in the morning especially towards her. But today is Saturday and I don't have to hear her raspy cigarette and Dr Pepper smelling self.

It's cold and clear. I'm looking out the window to see the most yellow leaves against a blue sky. It makes me want to bundle up and possibly hike flat top one last time before winter. And test out the new camera. Yes, folks. I'm official now. Official what........ I don't really know.
Lots to do and get done today.
One is cleaning the piles of paper(bills) and reading material (magazines) that has taken over my bedroom.

And this. My SC stuff. Must. do. it. today.

and this. I'm amped for this. I most likely won't get it done today but I do want to get it started.

And I am still planning a little something for my 100th. Just ordered some goods from 2Peas yesterday for myself and the RAK. So don't be a stranger and show a little love. I really do appreciate all you lovely comments. It's motivating especially after hearing my brother make fun of me (in a very joking way of course) about my scrapbooking. "My name is Tina and I play scrapbooking" Imagine that in a funny, feminine voice from a big goofy guy that also ended in a fart. Yes, a fart.


Caroline said...

ooh have fun with the new toy :)
and i can't wait to see what you're doign with the SC kit!

Holly said...

I love the new pics that you took of yourself! Havin' fun with your new toy? That last part about what your brother said...ROFLMAO!

bruinbr said...

have fun with your new camera! ahhh, yes, brothers are the best... mine often leaves me with 'presents' like yours :P gotta love them (the brothers - not the flatulence!)

joanne (spagirl) said...

have fun with your new camera! woo hoo! your pictures are great too! and, thanks for the peeks... i love that wavy paper!! look forward to seeing your designs!

Vee said...

so fun you got your camera!! i want one :) can't wait to see what you do with the kit! have fun creating and love the pic of you!

MsGrace said...

like the picture of yourself. Have fun with the new camera.


Barb said...

I'm always a little afraid to admit to strangers that I scrapbook b/c I'm afraid of getting a response like your brother's!

Congrats on the new camera.

Tiffany said...

Oh fun!!! LOVE those Canon' myself one for my birthday. Granted it will be the only present I get for a long while..but hey..WORTH IT! =) Glad to see you are celebrating your 100th....should be fun =).

Have a great one!

star_elle12 said...

enjoy the new friend!! :) it'll bring so much joy!!
sometimes i'm so hesitant to tell others that i on earth can we go about getting over this fear???
this would make for an excellent discussion question somewhere! i'd love to hear the thoughts of others!

Je said...

I started reading your blog not too long ago, but kept silence ever since (I usually do this). But you just encouraged me to say a word. lol! I loved the last post, love that chocolate and love The Hills (in a few hours!). And I can't wait to see the next Studio Calico kit!