Sunday, September 16, 2007

a good cry

Ah, termination dust.....what a beautiful thing. A reminder of what's ahead. The snow will work it's way down the mountain and into our city soon. This is the day I make a mental list of things we need to get done.
Mow the lawn one last time before the first freeze.
Rake up all the leaves.
Clean out the garage.
Close all the vents outside of the house.
Replace furnace filters and fire up the heater.

I've had an up and down weekend. I am in the midst of a family spat that needs to end now. I have heard all sides of the story and I'm spent. The only thing holding me up is my sweet husband and my girl. It's been so great having her here. I'm already bummed about the idea of her leaving in a couple of months. We'll just have to make the most of the short time she has here.

I had a good session of retail therapy over the weekend. God bless Old Navy. Also made a trip to JoAnn's with Holly. Hadn't been there in awhile so it made everything new again. Picked up some felt for a projects and some rubberstamps I had been hunting down. They weren't my first choice, but they did the job.

I spent all day scrapping. Trying to get all my DT assignments done before the deadline. I will try, try, try to send at the last minute which I am most good at. Sneaky peeks will posted tomorrow.
Farewell for now. Hope you all have had a peaceful, productive weekend.


Holly said...

I love you, girl. Let's just hope that this week will be better than the last. :0) And, I can't wait to see your peeks!

Vee said...

i can't wait to see your creations and I hope you get your things on your list crossed off! :)

Breanne Crawford said...

im excited to see your beauties.

and i hope that things chill out soon.

Ady said...

love the new Studio kit. I can't wait to see your sneek peeks. Love Old Navy too...