Wednesday, September 12, 2007


The colder, darker days have really been throwing me off. That's the only explanation I have for being so tired this week.
Nothing new going on. Just the usual work stuff. I will be heading to the mall on my lunch break to purchase the noted items from Saturday's shopping trip with Holly.
I am working on jack for Saturday. It's a fun one so be sure to check out the reveal on the 15th.
Let's see...what else......
This inspires me. I love using little photos, think I'll try something like this.
I also am loving her and her. Photographs are my jump off point when I think of a layout. I always base everything around my photo. I cannot wait until October (PFD time) and get my camera. My current little Pentax is driving me's ssssoooo slow when all I want to do is snap away.

Again, thank for all the sweet comments. They really do mean a lot to me!! I also made the catwalk this week over at SIS....makes me feel all warm and fuzzy insides ;)


Vee said...

so sorry you are so tired girlie. I hope your shopping spree on your lunch break gives you a boost! :)
can't wait to see who you jacked! :)

Holly said...

That's the camera that I it! Congrats on the catwalk!

Holly said...

The White Stripes concert...cancelled. Their drummer has "mental health" problems. ??? :0(

elizabeth said...

big congrats to you on the scrapjack!!!

awesome you and your lo's are so deserving :)