Saturday, September 15, 2007

change for the better

I dread Alaska winters. The obscene cold and constant darkness is what bothers me the most, especially after December when all the excitement of Christmas is over. This year will be different though.
I will not fall predator to the winter blues.
I will go sledding with friends just for the hell of it.
I will not hibernate.
I will keep busy with self-taught lessons in embroidery.
I will travel somewhere mid-winter to recharge.
I will get ahead start on Christmas.
I am ready not only for the seasonal change but the change I feel that needs to happen within.

Today I am on a mission for socks....that's exciting. Sometimes I feel like Will Farrell's character on OLD SCHOOL when he's explaining to the college kids before taking a hit from the beer bong that he has a "busy day" planned with the wife, running errands and the college kids look at him in a WTH manor. So yeah, I've got a "busy day" trying to find warmer socks because my feet can't ever seem to get warm.

Have a great weekend friends.


Sandie said...

Ooh I hope you found warmer socks, I can't bear having cold feet!

jenn shurkus said...

ooh i feel for you.. i hate winters.. and they are sooo mild here on the cape, compared to where i grew up in NH OR where you are... stick to your list ;) go sledding!!!

Holly said...

My feets are freezing too! Maybe I should try to find some warmer socks...LOL. It looks like you finished that page up nicely. I can't wait to try the jack! See you in a little while. :0)

Nura Keif said...

No winter here hehe...always summer!!
Have a great weekend!!

Donna said...

Just wanted to say hi - I pop in to see your work regularly and love your style of art! I don't usually leave a comment though as you don't even know me! But I just had to this time - reading your post on the impending winter made me giggle as I was only today steeling myself for our summer here - 3 months in the 40 - 45 degrees celcius bracket...Wanna swap?!!!

Scrapdragons said...

I just love popping over to your blog...Iam not big on the cold is starting to get chilly here already.

I think I may need warmer socks too.


Vee said...

I totally love your jack!! sounds like you have an awesome plan for your winter!