Monday, September 10, 2007


Got my September Studio Calico kit today and it is yummy.
I don't think I've ever done anything with this color combo and I loved it.
I took this photo in Florida a couple of years ago. It was actually during hurricane Katrina. I know, dumb time to visit Florida but worth surprising my grandparents who had no idea my brother and I were coming. Anyhoo, I came across this broken surf board while combing the beach and thought it would be perfect for this end of summer vibe I've been feeling.
So I'm trying to stay focused at work today.........I say trying because I've got a lot of distracting emotions going on right now.
First thing is this.
Crazy. I'm small potatoes in the scrap world so this is a huge honor and accomplishment.
No joke, there were so many unique and awesome jacks in August and they chose me. woah.
So I'm still on my little high from that.
Then I've landed in the middle of some family drama that shouldn't involve me a all. But that's usually how it is.....always in the middle. Won't get too much more into that but that's also a distraction today. I could go on and boohoo about some other things but for the sake of keeping positive, I'm checking them at the door.
I got my girls coming over tonight for some scraps, wine and gossip. fun stuff.
Have a good week people!
and thanks for all the happy thoughts on my win!


ahardy said...

your blog is *awesome*
enjoyed perusing it. :)
{crazy applause}
congrats to ya on being THE BEST JACKER.
that is way big huge!

Dondrea B said...

Congratulations, Grandjacker!!!

Lisa said...


Vee said...

congrats again girlie and YIPPEE for wine, scraps and good friends!
have an awesome night and week! :)

tiffany said...

Congrats to you Grandjacker!!!! You rock hardcore. Love your style and your blog. I stalk it everyday =)

Elle's Studio said...

Congrats girl!

I LOVE what you did with the studio calico kit! I just got mine in the mail and your layouts are great inspiration!!!

michelle said...

congrats on grandjacker! your work is fabulous and so inspiring

dana said...

So psyched happy 4u!!!! You rocked the jacks. and currently rockin Studio Calico kit!! :):) :)

Kal said...

Triple Arm Pump, lady!

Holly said...

Love the surf board LO! Thanks for having me over last night. I had a great time...even if I didn't do anything productive!

Holly said...

P.S. Claudine Hellmuth on Martha Stewart tomorrow.

Kim said...

CONGRATS!!! loving your blog!