Saturday, September 8, 2007


What a good day. It's pouring out. It's gloomy and cold. But it didn't stop me from enjoying my Saturday.
Spent the portion of my afternoon rekindling an old friendship I had once lost. It felt good to hang with some one that I can truly call my friend. We shopped with her two, really good kids. Her little boy just chilled in the stroller, her daughter so bubbly and cute telling me what shirt she thought was pretty and which one was not. Apparently I don't have quite the same taste as a 4 year old.
All in all, I had a grand time shopping.....well, more like looking and lusting. I am broke, broke, broke and there was so much cute stuff out there right now. Fall is my most favorite time to shop. I love all the cozy sweaters, knee length boots, peacoats, and tweed slacks. I definitely made some mental notes and will have to return when payday rolls around.
Holly did a little window shopping online and thought I would torture myself even more and do the same.

Because baking season is just around the cute would those be on frosted cupcakes?

Because I want to this with these cookie cutters.
I don't want to fall under the Uggs spell but these have me bewitched.

why I don't buy boots at the end of season at a killer price I'll never know. i want a pair of rich brown knee length boots but I cannot justify paying $300 for them. I'm just cheap like that.

I love little bowls. I'm always using them for something and these colors make me so happy.

This Anthropology sweater would pair up nice with my dark rise skinny jeans and those brown boots I drool over every time I'm at Nordstroms.
Get out, wood grain towels?? Loving it.


Holly said...

It was so good to hang out...I missed you so much! It will be nice to be up here for the next couple of months (even if my mom is driving me CRAZY). I love what that gal did with those cookie cutters! And, those Uggs are cuuuute! They have a pair of cable-knit boots that I want. Alas, they are too much $$$.

Vee said...

so glad you were albe to hang out with your friend. I am ready to shop for some fall clothes too!
I love all of your online finds especially the woodgrain towels!!
smooches :)

Cheryl Wray said...

How fun... i loved window shopping here on your blog!!!
Friends are the best, aren't they?

dani said...

hey!!! congrats on winning the grandjack!!! you rock!

Christa said...

just saw you won on the darejack, congrats!!! your stuff is kick ass!

Jill Deiling said...

you picked some fun stuff! :) and congrats on winning the grandjack contest! :)

jill s said...

so fun! girl time is so important.
i got to hang out with my best friend this weekend too!!

love those little bowls! :)


and HUGE congrats on the darejack win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i knew you would take the scrapping world by storm very soon.