Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tuesday Twelves

Because I missed last Fridays Fives, I decided to do a Tuesday Twelve.

Here's my top twelve saved links/blogs in my favorites file. Every morning when I get to work, I check these starting from the top.

1. SIS
2. LoveLife
3. you, me & lili
4. Elise Blaha
5. Dares
6. Ali Edwards
7. Mugsyboo
8. Kristina Contes
9. Jacked
10. Paper & Ink
11. Elsie Flannigan
12. Jamie Waters

So what's your top twelve you have saved?? No fudging! ;)


motherkearney said...

Why the heck aren't I on there???

Barbara said...

Thats an awesome list! i have a lot of the same =)

michelle said...

some of these are on my list, but i literally have like 100 on my google reader that just lets me know when they are updated.. and i check them all

Kal said...

#2!!! So cool. THAT is a pure and amazing honour. I read yours everyday, too... just so you know.