Monday, June 11, 2007

I think somebody has a case of the MUNDAYS.....

Started my day with a little John Mayer. Needed an uplifting, positive vibe this morning. It was a beautiful weekend filled with events and I didn't want it to end. It's so hard to go to bed when the sun is shinning at midnight.
Check out these little ones rummaging through my purse. They were fascinated at each and every little item I had in there. Maggie was especially drawn to my Ipod, her brother was more into my roll-on perfume and celly. After having them return all my belongings, we all headed out to an ultra-hip place where there's a 3 month waiting list................Muldoon Pizza! Hehe....any locals reading this know that's it's so the opposite of ultra-hip but man do they know how to make a pizza and of course it's kid friendly too.

Jeff's childhood friend got married on Saturday to his long-time sweetie. They're a really fun couple and the wedding was awesome. The weather was beautiful, loved that they had it at the Hilltop Chalet. An Alaskan wedding for the ultimate Alaskan couple.

Yeah, it's an ugly cake....but a cool, ugly cake! This is so Kenny, a die-hard fisherman. (It's a salmon in case you have no idea) In fact they were going fishing the day after. That's how die-hard he is, to go fishin the day after your wedding. If the Kings are running, you gotta go fishin' cause once they're gone, they're gone.
This reminds me of something the Ace of Cakes would do. The actually wedding cake was so good, had to go back for a second piece! Dinner was so fun, little hot wings, really good meatballs, and some other stuff that were made by friends and family. The wedding was comfy, down to earth Alaskan style and that's what made it so fun..........the beer and champagne helped too *smirk*

Got up at the butt-crack of dawn on Sunday because the sun was shinning so bright at 6am that I couldn't keep my eyes closed. So me and the ol' bear went to take J a coffee at work and run some other errands. She LOVES to go for "rides". I love how she looks out the front window, observing everything. I can't help but wonder what going on in her dog brain. Sundays are perfect day for rides, no traffic so I can go slow around the turns and chill.

So that was my weekend in a nutshell. How was yours?


LD said...

I'll never understand my fishermen get married during fishing cake though

michelle said...

that cake is awesome! i love it!

Angela said...

Now THAT is a friggin cool cake!

Kal said...

I want to eat that cake right now.

jill said...

haha! that cake is awesome!

and i love how little ones get so excited over such simple things!!!