Wednesday, June 13, 2007

all work & no play makes tina a grouchy girl

Lately I feel like all I do is eat, sleep, & work. Eat, sleep & work. Eat, sleep & work. I usually try to get a little scrap time in after work but I have been so uninspired....even with all these great challenges out, nothing seems to get me going.

Last night after visiting with my some family, I came home a slept for 2 hours which was a huge mistake. I was totally groggy, depressed, not hungry, and unmotivated to do anything. I usually nap for about 45 mins but for some reason I couldn't open my eyes. After bitching at J for a some stupid thing, I tried to calm down and attempt to do Dare #68. I got as far as choosing and printing a photo and trying to choose a paper.....that was it. I sat there a starred at the stuff strewn across my desk and did nothing. I didn't want to force it so I gave up and planted my butt on the couch and watched the basketball game with J and read a couple of mags.

Nothing much after that. Now I'm here, at work and if I hear that Avril song "boyfriend" one more time I really don't know what I'm going to do.


michelle said...

i'm sorry you are having scrappers block and hopefully you work through it..

kellymccaleb said...

your life and my life seem very similar...