Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A Happier Place

My heavy boots are my cuter, lighter flats on today. Will try to keep a more positive attitude today at work. Will probably lay low and not be so social because I'm still a little irritated with co-workers but I'll manage. At least it's hump day.

Watched Rae last night. Got the much needed play-time I've been craving. She's just such a happy baby. I can't help but be happy and giddy around her. And she just loves her Uncle J. When he came home from work, he came into the room and her whole face just lit up. She really has some funny habits too. Like this-she's infatuated with her feet! Oh and the sounds she effen adorable. Check out those cute mary jane socks she's sportin'.

Ate better yesterday. More fruit and water, less sugary snacks and you know what? I felt a whole lot better, mentally and physically. I did indulge in TWO little 3 Musketeer bites though but that's ok. Life's too short to not indulge.

I want to thank all you sweeties for leaving me positive notes from yesterdays post. I don't want to come off as a grumpy, bitchy girl all the time but the truth is that I can be and I can't hide that. I'm a happy go-with-the flow person most of the time but I do have my days, or weeks, or months :)

*Thank you Jill. I love reading you "novel" comments ;)
*Thank you Tiffany. "Real" prayers are always appreciated!! and I'm glad I could throw a little encouragement your way ;)
*Thank you Shayla. Maybe I should move to Canada? FOTC rocks my socks!
*Thank you Kal. You are such an inspiration...your paintings, your blog, your awesome triple arm pumps!
*Thank you Holly. You're my girl forever and always.

1 comment:

Shayla said...

LOVE the socks!
cool tattoo!
hooray on the small indulgence!
gotta have something to make you feel good...mine was eating about 10 fuzzy peaches today!