Thursday, June 21, 2007

Damn, it's hot

Happy SuMMer Solstice party peoples! It's a super nice day here in the AK and I'm stuck here, glued to my chair in the office but I've only got 3 hours to go.....wahoo! Think I'll head straight home, put on some shorts and sit out in the backyard and CHILL. J wants to bbq some chicken, I'm all for it as long as he cooks it all the way through!! The last time he didn't have it on for long and we bit into raw chicken, ewe. Luckily no one got sick, just had to deal with J being all pissed off at himself and throwing a bit of something I like to call a "man fit".

Anyhoozle, went up to Barnes & Noble for lunch to pick up an addy book I've been eye-balling. It's a Jill Bliss beauty. Not that I needed another addy book. My brain was flooded with inspo when I saw it so natually I had to get it. Then jetted (and I mean that literaly being that you have to zoom across 3 lanes of crazy business lunchers to get across the street) to More Than A Memory. Nothing new but I wanted to grab the Heidi Swapp stamps. Heard they were disco'd and sold out everywhere and they had them all in stock. Also had to get more of the Doodlebug paper frills. Love that stuff.

Well, gotta to get back to the grind. Hope everyone has a safe and happy first day of summer!


Holly said...

Boo! I miss the summers in Alaska...I'm going to miss the good part. I'll get there just in time for the first snow. It looks like it is so pretty there. It's sunny here too, but friggin' 100 degrees. I hates the dirty south!

jill said...

i LOVE grilled chicken! but i never bite into before i cut it up into little pieces! i'm so paranoid about it being pink at all! haha!

and those goodies look SO fun! love those heidi swapp stamps!!


Kal said...

I want to visit Alaska!

elizabeth said...

you lucked out big time with those heidi swapp stamps!!!

hubby used to live in fairbanks and has tried to get me to move up there over and over again. i told him the only place i would live is

big hugs,

{elizabeth} on sis :)

Vee said...

what they are discontinued!! so glad I am hs obssesed and havem already