Friday, June 22, 2007

What's burning?

That will be the question everyone asks when they step outside this morning. There are several fires burning outside of Anchorage and our city is earily gloomy from the smoke and the smell is somewhat overwhelming. I'm actually getting a headache sitting here in the office. We've closed all the windows but it's not really helping. You can read about it hereWhat a difference from yesturday. Atleast solstice was beautiful, and relaxing. Won't be doing much outdoors this weekend with all the smoke. It can't be good breathing all this in. Check out the differences in the photos. Above was this morning. Below was last night. This is Butters. He likes to eat bubbles.
Ok, Friday Fives.
Today is about wants. I remember being told as a child when I wanted something was "Is it what you really need or is it what you want ?" I apply this question when I'm out shopping but should we always push away what we want versus what we really need. I think we need "wants", does that make sense? How else do we push ourselves to try and learn new things?

I want to eat beignets and sip on espresso while people watching in Paris.
I want a new tattoo on my forearm.
I want learn to make fried calamari.
I want to make a quilt.
I want to take the day off.

Those are my wants at the moment.
TGIF everybody!


jill said...


love that pic of you and your dog!

sounds like since you'll be trapped inside you can scrap a lot!:)

i want to make a quilt too! i actually have a WAY cute sheet i want to use to do a tied quilt. soon as my back is better!

love your list!


Kal said...

I like your new profile picture. Very cool.

And very scary about the fires. Yikes.

Shayla Vokey said...
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Shayla Vokey said...

checking in on an older post!

i have no idea what a beignet is, but i will join you any day in paris!!
i would love a new tatoo...whatcha thinking of getting?
if you can make calmari, you will have to fight me off from eating it all!!
there is a sewing store down my street...i am hoping to make a quilt "one day" too.
i have the summer off, yes i'm bragging ;)

ps i had to delete this comment, cause i forgot a word...something i do VERY often!!