Friday, May 18, 2007

I'm all jacked up on Mt Dew!!

Well, not really, more like Diet Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper. I watched Talledaga Nights with Jeff for the 4th time the other night. Those two kids with the southern accents kill me.

Aaahhhh..summertime in Alaska. It's almost 10:30pm here and the sun is still out. Soon it'll be non-stop daylight. Good on the weekends, bad on the weekdays. A lot of use have a really hard time going to bed a decent time in the summer because of this daylight. But we soak it in....the winters are too long and too dark. It does get dark for a few hours here so please don't think that it's sunshine 24 hours a day. It just doesn't get very dark ;)

Finished several layouts tonight. It was fun to end the work week with take-out and some creative release. Working on the Warhol challenge for SIS. Must get back to *fun*
Happy Friday!

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