Sunday, May 20, 2007


My day started at 7:30 this morning when the phone was J wanting me to bring him a coffee on his 8am break. I could of slept for another hour or so but the sun was shining and I always feel bad that J has to work on Sundays so I thru on some clothes, got Tootie in the car and headed to Heavenly Cup for J. Also stopped to get a few things at the store and washed the car.

Was super charged when I got home.....cleaned the kitchen, vacuumed, started laundry, picked up the garage, then sat outside and read the paper with my cup-o-joe. It was nice to feel the warm sun on my shoulders. The dogs played with a stick they found while J was doing yard work yesterday. On over-all good Sunday morning.

Then finished up a couple of projects. Andy Warhol and the Word challenge. Fun stuff. Now, I'm bored. Waiting for my sweetie to come home from work. Wanting to take a trip somewhere. Hoping that Terrin doesn't pick out a bridesmaid dress I don't want to wear. Wondering what paint color to use for the living room.

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