Thursday, April 5, 2007

Thursday, Jean's Day!

Because Friday is a holiday for us, my boss kindly decided today would be Jean's day. Love jean's day....everything I own goes so well with my dark skinny bootcut jeans!

Was download happy over at Itunes last night. I like to compose mixes for various days. It's almost like a music journal. I can go to a mix and know what I was feeling that day. I've got mixes named "rainy afternoon", "alone Sunday", "thrift shopping tunes", I'm listening to jean's day mix:

Amy Winehouse:You Know I'm No Good
Beyonce:Beautiful Liar
Chevelle:Safewaters,Well Enough Alone
DJ Vadim:Got To Rock
Elliott Yamin:Movin' On
James Morrison:Wonderful World, Peices Don't Fit, The Last Goodbye
Regina Spektor:Fidelity,Lady

Lovelife we met....

My husband, Jeff and I have been together for over 13 years, married for 7 1/2. We're your typical high school sweethearts. He's the first and only person I've been with. I was a freshman who made it on the JV basketball cheerleading squad and he was the star senior on the Varsity b-ball team. He imediatly caught my eye. Tall, dark hair, and unique looking guy who I thought was hot! I was the one who pursued him, asking everyone I knew if what he was like, if he had a girlfriend :) hehehe..I'm daydreaming of this very moment and it's making me feel like a kid again....anyhoo, one of his teammates was in my Biology class and I would bug him everyday about Jeff. So ofcourse, he told Jeff about this freshman who had the biggest crush on him and then he began to take notice. I did have to fight for him though, not physically but I did have some competition which I liked. It makes me work even harder at getting what I want :)

So one day after cheerleading practice, I stayed to watch the varsity team practice. As the guys were heading to the locker room, Jeff looks up at me and says to call him. I remember being all giggly with my girlfriends. We, my friends, headed to her house to call him. She had one of those Swatch phones with two receivers, remember those?? After a weird conversation, it was like do you want to be my girlfriend type questions and I said yes and here we are now...13 years later. Crazy to think about it. Our relationship was not much liked by father at the time but now they're good friends. Nobody thought we would last, who would when you're that young! And as cheesy as this sounds, I remember feeling so connected to him on the very first day of being a couple. I've always so comfortable around him, not feeling the need to be anyone else but myself. He's helped me cope with my mother leaving us. We started dating several months after my parents divorced. I really don't know where I would be at today if we didn't meet. I don't think my life would as fullfilled as it is today. We've made it through extreme hard times, and major, bitter fights and I can say that I love him as much, if not more as I did when we first met.

So there's "our" story.


Kal said...

RADICAL story, Tina. Great story. I hope you've scrapped that - because it will make for a beautiful piece. Such a cook story to relay to the future. Go love! Go!

shayla said...

it's so awesome when you get tingles thinking about the flirting days!

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