Friday, April 6, 2007

A Good Friday

Had the pleasure of babysitting my sweet baby neice last night. She just melt my heart! She was so easy to watch, I wish I could do it more often.

She came over at her usual nap time so she fell asleep right away. I couldn't put her down. I loved the warmth of her body against mine. This just make me want a baby of my own a millions times more....and to hear my brother call me Aunt Tina, utter bliss.
Ran a few errands today. Wanted to get Terrin a nice thank you gift for constantly spoiling me with Aveda goodies. Loving their hand cream right now. It smells like I've just peeled a lemon. My skin has been so dry this winter and this lotion just soaks into my hands and makes them feel like silk. So went to Micheals for a nice frame and ended up getting a few papers that I didn't realize they had. I would rather spend my money at "mom & pop" businesses so I don't go into Micheals very often for scrapping booking supplies but they carried the kraft paper line from Making Memories that I've been wanting for awhile. So I walked out of their only spending 15 bucks which is pretty good.
Did a few layouts and will post them soon. I'm looking into a picture book to add to my blog for easy veiwing. I don't want to constantly post each one. That's my next project.
Sending some Friday love to everyone!

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