Sunday, April 1, 2007


Woke up feeling not so great, mentally. Personal things eating up at me.....things I know I'll get over but really affecting my mood big time this very moment.

1. My bank.....hate 'em. Will close this account asap tomorrow morning and open one elsewhere. I'm done with them.
2. Papertart....this is a name I came up with years ago. I searched hi and low before settling on this one, making sure NO ONE had taken this before I used it. I'm dumb for not actually putting money into getting the name so now some one else is using it and it burns me. I was going to let this go but after trying to set up account at Etsy and seeing that she's there too really pissed me off.
3. Personal...don't think I want to get into this one. Really too personal to talk about here. Something I go through every month on a particular day.

Thought it would help if I took Crystal for a ride and got a cup of coffee but I'm home and irritated. I know I have to keep busy but I am so not motivated to do anything.

There's always tomorrow....

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Kal said...

Rock and roll... pull out those scrapbooking papers and journalling things... for me - if I can push through the first little bit of 'unmotivated' when I'm in a rotten mood - I usually come up with my best stuff. My creativity thrives when I'm down. (oh, and you betcha - kick that bank to the curb!)