Thursday, April 12, 2007

Starbucks makes things better

So I really needed to get out the office....I decided to treat a coworker and boss to a coffee. It was nice to get some sun and and iced latte. Feeling better, more awake, less cranky. Ready for the next jack. Wasn't really feeling the dare this time. Not really into printed t's. I have one that I havn't worn in awhile that says "Peas Out" but don't do tight t's because of my muffin top. Oh well. So now I'm just waiting for lunch to arrive. Kearen and I decided to split the eggroll dinner. Would feel extremely guilty if I downed 7 crispy fried eggrolls myself.

We alaskans are seriously funny about this time of year. It's like 38 degrees but we're walking around like it 75. Jackets are being put away, windows are open, air conditioning is blowing. Cannot wait for rest of the snow to melt so my car can stay clean for atleast a day. And I'm really wanting some greenery!!

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