Thursday, April 12, 2007

Easily annoyed

Don’t you just love….
How no one says “bless you” after you sneeze.
How no one says a kind “excuse me” if they need to get by you in a grocery store.
How men no longer hold the door open for you when you have a handful.
How a coworker brings back lunch for her “clique” and doesn’t ask you even though you always include them when you get lunch?
How your neighbor parks his little piece of crap car in front of your home making it difficult to back out of your own driveway?
Young co-workers who get drunk on a Tuesday night and call in sick the next day.
Pulling out summer capris and finding out just how much weight you did gain over the winter. Hello…..muffin top much?

Also annoyed at the fact that I was asked to make personalized water bottle labels for a co-worker’s daughter’s baby shower next weekend. And she keeps questioning my design and asking her neighbor who is helping her throw the shower if my label is ok. If she doesn’t fugging like it, then have your fugging neighbor do it. I didn’t want to it anyway, not really interested in making cutesy labels for water bottle everyone will just toss, just not what I’m about….

Can you tell I’m annoyed?? Really in a pissy mood today. Definitely woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I just hope I can make it through the day without biting some poor girls head off.

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shayla said...

be annoyed. then say "who cares?" and realize *do you care*?

i said "bless you" to someone in Costco the other day and let her know that I have dogs in case that was her allergy...she looked at me like i had a disease.

it's not just men that don't hold the door open anymore, i had mrs. big hair and gold sparkly not hold the door open for me today at the car shop.

i recently joined weight watchers as i assume by "muffin top" you mean "spare tire" that hangs over the top of your pants!!!

and seriously? a water bottle label? seems a bit much. i'm sure that whatever you made is gorgeous. sounds like the kind of person who puts their child in a white dress in spring (it happened this week at school!!) and doesn't expect their child to get muddy. IT'S A WATER BOTTLE, IT GOES IN RECYCLING!!

well, anyways now that i have had my rant, i hope you have a better day tomorrow!!!