Friday, March 30, 2007

Feelin' it

Celebrated my 29th birthday on the 28th. Was possibly the best birthday I've ever had. No big party, not a lot gifts. Just knowing that I'm loved by those I love the most....that was the best feeling. The biggest surprise for me was the Coach purse my brother gave me. Can't believe the kid went all out for me! He totally spoilled me and it makes it even more special knowing that he picked it out.

Terrin brought me some beautiful white roses in a vintage-inspired vase that I love and an awesome Southern Living cookbook. I'm about half way through it. Found a recipe for chocolate bread pudding that I'm making in place of a birthday cake. Since my b-day fell on a Wednesday this year, we decided to celebrate tomorrow with lunch at Southside Bistro and a possible road trip. I'm a happy girl no matter what we do!

Took today off from work as a b-day gift to myself. Went to the mall first thing this morning and bought a few things from AE with the gift card Marie had gotten me. Then headed to MTAM for some scap stuff. They just got in some Foofala. Scored some stamps and bright colored paper and these nifty chipboard journaling panels. Think I'll use 'em for some b-day layouts. Also want to get to the Effer Dare too.
Friday Inspo:
Kal Barteski Oh man, this woman is amazing. Her vibrant artwork makes me so freakin happy....I'm pulling out my Prismacolors asap!
Kelly Mccaleb So now I want to learn to quilt dammit. Just want I need, another hobby but hey, I've got a sewing machine and some fabric so what the hell.
If I had a 100 bucks to blow right this moment, it would be this: J Crew

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