Sunday, March 25, 2007


Ever post a layout on Two Peas, view it, then wish you could of done something different or added a thing or two? I just checked out my gallery and was unhappy about a few layouts. Oh well.

Sitting here, wasting time on the net. Wondering what I want to do. I did manage to clean my room. After Eric moved in, I had to bite the bullet and actually "share" my creative space with Jeff and his vast record collection. I had to put a lot away to make room for his little music spot, but it was worth it. It's kinda cool being together, crafting and listening to old records. I purged a hell of a lot but I still seems like I have so much damn stuff!! So I'm purging again, like old papers I wonder why I bought, things that are just not my style anymore. Think I'll get a big lot together and put it up on Craigslist.
K, let me get my booty in gear and do somthing. Highlight of the day....Terrin brought me the best skinny white mocha I've ever had. I love having some frothy stuff on top, seems like no one ever makes coffee that way anymore.

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