Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Random fun

Here it is....LSS round 2. I had originally planned a whole different layout but just wasn't feeling it so I whipped this out yesterday after work and like the results much, much better. I had great inspiration mailed to me yesterday. My order from 2Peas and Studio Calico stuff. New product always gets me going.
Well, the snow has pretty much gone for now but it's COLD. 19 degrees this morning. I've got to find my ice scrapper. I look like a nut driving around with my windows all iced over. I also need to get all my winter coats cleaned. I love my black peacoat but it attracts dog hair like no other.
In keeping with the random theme, here are 7 randoms from my day so far.
1. I think they may of made my usual non-fat latte whole fat. It tastes too good.
2. I'm wearing blue pants that I loved more on the rack than on me.
3. I sent a coworker an email about her rudeness and lack of respect. I spoke to my boss before doing so.
4. I am possibly going to Juneau next week to reset the JFC/asian foods line at the new store.
5. I getting ready to make some oatmeal.
6. I'm not sure where to go for lunch. I want to go to the mall but it's full of temptation that I simply cannot afford right now.
7. My husband has called me 2 already. I'll probably hear from here atleast 3 more times before the day is over. It's his day off.....he likes to rub that in.
Tag, you're it.
Post 7 randoms. It's kinda fun especially when you have nothing new and exciting to blog about ;)
Post your links or list your 7 randoms. I'd love to read 'em!


Kim said... is mine.. not sure if you can get in.. if u can't & really wanna.. lmk here & I will c if I can fix it :)

Vee said...

i love your lss layout!!!
and your day randoms are aweosme, i love doing these so here goes:
i have a headache
i want to scrap but i am at work
I have green ontoday
I love windy days
Green is one of my favorite colors
sushi is one of my favorite foods
that was fun!! :) i can't believe it was 19 degrees there theis morning, yikes!! I am not ready for that yet!!!

Michelle said...

love the randoms! Great page, too...=) cute pics and love all that yummy woodgrain....I'll post 7 more randoms tonight with my LSS, they're so fun...he he

Holly said...

Posted my 7 randoms here:

No, those plastic storage containers are actually from The Container Store. Oh, ans your LSS #2 LO was mentioned in KC's blog today. Congrats! :0)

Natalie said...

Your layout is sooooo good! Love the randoms. I'm gonna post my random list on my blog!

jill s said...

love it tina!
had so much fun doing mine too.
can't wait to hear who is through...


dani j. said...

I always end up with clothes that looked better on the rack than on me. Clothing shopping is much trickier than scrapbook supply shopping!

Elle's Studio said...

WOW!!! I LOVE that layout!! Super cute!!

Barb said...

Seriously. 19 degrees?
I am so not ready for that.

RachelDenbow said...

Hey girl. I've tagged you! Check my blog for details. Your page looks great.

Michelle said...

What a beautiful lo! I found you through Rachel's blog. You are so talented.

Breanne Crawford said...

holy cow. i adore that layout. it is so freaking perfect.

elizabeth said...

lo is gorgeous!
simply gorgeous!