Sunday, October 7, 2007

Dear Winter,

I'm not ready yet. Can you please tell Fall to stick around a few more weeks? I still need to get my studded tires on my little Honda Civic so I can make it to and from work safely. I also haven't found a pair of snow boots I really like. And.....I'm just not ready for you. Mentally and physically. I'm not ready to bundle up, warm up the car for 10 mins before leaving, shovel and chop ice. I'm not ready for grey, desolete skys. I'm not ready for only a few hours of daylight. Just sit tight for a few more weeks. You're too early anyway. You're not supose to arrive until Halloween so I'll welcome you then, ok?

Before Jeff left for work, he kindly told me at 5am that it had snowed. I groaned and went back to bed not realizing what he actually said until I looked out the window a few hours later to find that it did infact snow. It's really hasn't snowed this early in years. I always get my winterizing done right before the week of Halloween but now I'm thinking I better start now. There's several things on my "let's go here before it snows" list like that last hike up flat top and a visit to the zoo. I hate feeling rushed.

So, now for the important part of the day and that's giving away a box of goods to a lucky girl and that girl is>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Yeah Donna.....please send me your addy so I can get your package out. Thanks to the few gal's that played along. I know we're all busy with our personal lives and there seems to be a ton of challenges out there right now so I really appreciate you stopping by for my little challenge :)

Check out Renee's entry. Yeah, there's some cursing so be warned! ;) I found the title quite cute and honest and I loved that photo!

Have a nice, peaceful Sunday!


michelle said...

those are great photos. I live in the desert, so I am totally jealous of your snow..

Holly said...

I thought it was a little early for the snow, but my mother insisted otherwise. I'm so not ready either. Although, Hazel is ready enough for EVERYONE. We still have some hangin' around on the roofs up here. Ugh. Just won't be long until it's pitch black almost all day, and the snow will be wait deep. Groan.

Vee said...

gorgeous photos tina!!

i can't believe you have snow already! it is so warm here which is unusual too!

Donna said...

Oh Tina - thanks!!!! It's the first thing I've won in scrap-world haha! I so wish I was hanging out where you live atm - it was 41 degrees here yesterday!!!That's celsius too. Anyway - I just wanted to say how you've absolutely made my day - this is one happy chick - you're a gem!

scrapwitch said...

ill swap with you can come to sunny sydney and ill come over your way...i love winter....ummm hang on your in alaska ,maybe not..
i do love winter though..congrats to my home girl donna for her special win...
loving your style TINA..alway a source of major inspiration .

Natalie said...

Snow already? Wow! I'm kinda jealous. The last two winters have been so wimpy around here. No snow = not a happy snowboarder.

Loved your pictures!

Kal said...

SNOW! Yikes. If it's hitting you - it's going to be hitting us soon, too. I'm not ready either! Great pics!

Courtney DeLaura said...

oh my gosh SNOW! I can't even imagine. I'd die :) LOL


Michelle said...

ha ha...that layout rocks! =) Love your snow pictures...I am sooo with you on not wanting it to be winter yet!! Eeek! It's too early!

dana said...

What pretty photos, Tina!! I know you want fall, and even with the lil bit of snow it still looks very fall-ish. You could make postcards with those (or at least sum awesome layouts!!!) :)