Sunday, July 1, 2007

rain, rain, go away....

not really. I love the rain. It's been so hot lately, nice to get a break.

Kept really busy this weekend. Mostly scrapping, J did most of the home stuff. My downstairs is a wreck. We are currently sitting on 2 dining room chairs and using a tv tray as a table. All of the cottage cheese is down, now it's time to mud, sand, texture, and prime. I thought we would actually be painting the walls right now...silly me.
Some RV love going on this weekend. Having so much fun with this kit. Also got my Jack done.
It's been a good weekend. Looking forward to Independence day. Funny...I won't be the office all week. I was asked to do my old job with the company and "go out in the field" as a sales rep. Oh joy. There are a few good points to this. 1. I'll be out of the office and working my butt off. 2. I'll get to drive the company car which is an Element. Thinking of getting one myself so this will be a good way of test driving it minus the car salesman. 3. I skip lunch and get off at 2pm. Cool.


dani said...

I LOVE these pages - they're great!

Holly Hanks said...

I luuuuurv your new pages! <3

Vee said...

girl, you are the bomb!!
could look at your layouts for days :)