Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Bits of Wednesday

My week started off with a lovely package (gently placed by my nice mail lady) on my front porch. I've been a bit of a "kit tramp" these past few months. So far I haven't been disappointed with any of 'em but I do have a hard time committing with the 3 month membership. I don't like buying something unless I know what I'm getting, no matter how popular the company.
I heart Red Velvet, really. I am really impressed with the package of happiness and I mean that literally. As soon as you lift the top of the box, you're smacked with color. This is what drew me to this kit.....the uniqueness. If I'm inspired by the pic on the blog alone, I'm going to be happy with the real goods. Oh and the Starburst candy was unexpected and awesome. Not only are they throwing down some kit greatness but they're also putting up journaling prompts on the site....that's really been getting me goin'. I can't wait to see what they've got for July. I have yet to buy a second kit from a company but this may be the first.
The smoke has cleared out of Anchorage, thank goodness. I can breath. And it's gorgeous out. This and an overload of inspiration was a good excuse to take a half day at work today. Aahh yes, the half day, love it. I did have my dr apt today that I had cancelled a couple times before. I almost wanted to cancel again but talked myself out of it and I'm glad. It's just that it's starting to get REAL. The wheels are starting to roll on this, more testing is going to be done. I'm glad I've kept a detailed calendar this past year, it really helped her explain some things to me and she was also positive about it which made me feel better.
It's really weird going through all this. I feel like I keep getting signs that having a baby will happen soon. Like the other day, I'm just chillin', watching the boob tube and questioning the baby thing and then this commercial comes on about how a baby changes everything. I'm sure it's coincidence but I'm a "signs" person and take that into consideration. That's me.
Looking forward to the weekend. Getting things done at home. J started removing the cottage cheese ceiling....and ofcourse, it was harder than he said it would be being that's it's been painted over several times. I kept in the "I told you so".


Shayla Vokey said...

hey tina!
good luck with the dr's appt. i do have a fear that having a baby will not be as simple as i am hoping. when i was in brownies, they asked what i wanted to be when i grew up... i said a mom. i think i was about 6.
would love to have you join our knitting group! we need someone who KNOWS how to knit!! i may be coming to you for tips!
i bought these really cheap baby one piece undershirt thing in white that i am going to put my own cool logos onto! presents maybe, or maybe just for me to save!!
have a good night!

RachelDenbow said...

Thank you for the fabulous compliment. Wow. I'm going to save this. I love your art journal pages and how you are using your product! I'm glad you're enjoying it so much and I appreciate that you wrote these things.

dani said...

found your blog through the RVKC blog - just wanted to say I love what you did with the project kit. Really great stuff!!

Dana said...

Yes! Luving what you did with the journal kit. I, too, found great inspiration from the goodies!! I loooove your journal stuff (Ooops, did I say that already)! Gives that feeling in my chest--you know that breathless feeling you get when you see some sb stuff that blows yr mind?! :0

my blog:

Vee said...

i totally agree about the commitment but I just did for TWTD i love their kits :)