Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Comforting moments

Two things that I find most comforting right now.
"snuggle buggles" with Butters. I love the smell of his fur on the top of his head. Dog lovers may understand. Those of you who aren't may think I'm weird....which is fine because, well, I am a little weird ;)
The "flavorful vegetarian" soup at the Souper Bowl. I would travel miles for this soup. They poor hot broth over your choice of noodles, mine being the rice noodles, chunks of tofu with spinach, carrots, broccoli & bean sprouts. A little dumpling and hot sauce....mmmmmmm
Got my Two Peas order yesterday. Ordered some sweet smellin' Hambly and a few Love, Elsie things. I have to say, and I may catch a little ISH for this but I was very reluctant about ordering her line. She has such a distinct style and I was afraid of losing my sense of self if I pasted her signature all over my page. So I just ordered some of the embossed cardstock but what I loved the most was the cloth paper. Very cool stuff, especially cause it's backed with sticky paper. I'm thinking of making a book and covering it with this, it's really cool.

Hope you all have a great Tuesday!

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Robyn said...

OMG gosh I totally love how my pups smell behind their ears. I'm a dog freak and I don't care! LOL :D