Wednesday, April 25, 2007


Hhmmm....I was tagged by Kal on 7 random things about me so here we go...

1. I wait until the coffee girl is facing me to put a buck in her tip jar.

2. I can only crack the knuckles on my right hand, not sure why.

3. I have to use 2 towels when I shower. One to put my wet hair up with and the other to dry off my body. Oh, and it drives me nuts when my husband uses my body towel.

4. I actually like having my brother live with us and will be sad when he moves later this summer.

5. My feelings get hurt when I get moved down on a MySpace friends list even though I may not even be good friends with that person.

6. My heart is in Seattle but I live and probably won't ever move from Alaska.

7. I like to buy different perfumes as souvenirs when I travel so when I get home and wear it, I'm reminded of that particular place.

So there, kind of borring but random. Supose to tag 7 peeps but don't really know 7 bloggers well enough to tag. Jump in if you want.

Woke up this morning in a cheerful mood. The usual stuff that would bother me didn't. Maybe I'm just managing my anger better, who knows....really want to go home and get my scrap on but I'm stuck here at the office for another 4 hours. I've got a project I can get lost in so hopefully that'll make the time go by faster-I'm out

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Kal said...

Nicely done! I bet you DO know 7 people bloggers, but I won't tell anyone if you don't. ;) Have a great day - get home and scrap!