Wednesday, April 25, 2007

More randomness

Here's some random goodness from the good ol' craft room.....

I love and collect pumpkins but it was getting a little crazy. I don't want to become a crazy collector so I simplified and kept a few favorites. I also like to get a Starbucks bear when I visit the "first ever Starbucks" at Pike's Place Market every time I go. Yes, I have stuffed bears in my room, don't judge me....
All my art journals from the past years. I use to make and sell handmade books but it was getting to be too much. Maybe I should make a few and put them on Etsy. We'll see....Wall of rubber.
My beloved sewing machine that was given to me from a friend. I love gifts that are things I would never buy myself!
Ode to Kal Barteski, pencil crayon genius.
A mini muffin tin that was found at a garage sale that is now used as a paint pallet.
My junk drawer.

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*~*Amber*~* said...

Girl, glad you stopped by!!! Love ur scrap space! Gosh... all those stamps!!! xoxo