Sunday, April 22, 2007

Baby Madness

Went to Christina's baby shower last night. Had a pleasant time, ate lot's of chocolated covered stawberries, laughed at silly pictionary drawings, oohed and ahhed at all the cute baby gifts.

Her good friend sitting next to her is also preggers. They concieved almost at the exact same time. They both said the touched some fertility stone in AZ and got pregnant shortly after. I was slightly mortified when Christina's mother yelled across the room that she should give me the stone in front of all the guests. Luckily attention was adverted to some one spilling her meatball on the veggie tray.

I was glad to go home after 4 hours of non-stop baby stuff. Scored 2 peices of cake for me and Jeff to devour later that night and those tasty strawberries.

I am so scrapped out this very moment. Yes, it is possible. I finished 3 layouts today. One being the Scrapjacked challenge and the others for a different project. I did stop to have lunch and watch Nigella Feasts and now I'm waiting for Jeff to come home for work so we can chill together.

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shayla said...

yes, that would be embarressing (sp?). it seems as though as soon as you are married, your sex life becomes everyones business.
why is it wrong to want to spend some years together before having children?
we hope to start in the winter sometime, but i don't want pressure from people!!
enjoy the cake!