Sunday, December 2, 2007

tis the season.

Oh Mondays. What is it about this day that makes me so very grumpy. Anyhoo here's some photos from the weekend.

Little Ms R. likes to look out the window when she comes over. She's starting to get use to my home and makes herself very comfortable when she's here. So cute. She knows my dogs well and loves to pet them while saying "dog, dog, dog". I watched her most of Saturday while my brother moved into his new place. It's weird seeing his room empty but I am enjoying having my space back. Just glad there right down the road but I do already miss him.Dad surprised me with these flowers, the most delish rotisserie chicken, and my favorite Cinnamon Dulce Latte from the 'bucks. He searched my blog up and down to find my fav drink. How cool is he? Love you dad!
Starting the 365 think once again. Here's day 1/365. I've got some serious bags under my eyes. Part of me wanted to just rest but I had too much planned. One positive thing I did get from my accident was a swift kick in the booty. I will not procrastinate or wait for the right time to do anything anymore. Life is precious and not guaranteed. 365 has been on my list for awhile so what better time to start than now.
Sunday I had to bake 2 dozen cookies for our swap at work today. I made black forest cookies (Martha Stewart Everyday food recipe). I love chocolate and cherries. The first batch that called for semi-sweet choco. chunks were ok but I added white choco. chunks to the second and they came out way better. Plus the specks of white made a more appealing cookie. I couldn't resist placing them in these cute little baggies I found at Micheals. I know my co-workers are going to razz me about them because they know I into crafty things. Oh well. Razz on, I think they look cute.
Thanks for all the well wishes! The nurse was right about being more sore after a few days. I'm going to check out some back therapy places. I'm not too keen on getting my back adjusted. It scares the hell out of me. My muscles feel more sore than anything so hopefully and nice massage will help.

Shall I end it with a Happy Monday?? Can happy and Monday go together? hehe...yes, of course.


suz said...

tina - hope your are re-cooping and yup, monday and 'happy' can go together..funny. lovely fleurs from your pops! love to read about your goings on - thanks for sharing! I'm in wpg manitoba and we're getting lots of sparkly snow. I made 'xmas choco chip' cookies on the weekend - anything can be 'xmas' heh! ha. cheerio! suz (hope you get your car back soon....)

Vee said...

your santa bags are the cutest!! I am glad you are getting better, massage therapy helps, I had a similar injury due to an accident...

michelle said...

those bags are too cute! I hope you feel better and I would totally look into getting some type of massage therapy. happy monday!

Rachael said...

What darling bags!!!

Hope you are feeling better soon!!

Caroline said...

love the cute bags!
hope you'll feel better soon!

Anilu Magloire said...

OK, your dad is a prince!!! How cool!

I hope you feel better soon. I know how it is after an accident. It really sucks.

How about sending some of those cookies down Florida way?

Barb said...

I agree - Mondays stink.
But, hooray for The Hills and cookies and relaxing days.