Thursday, December 6, 2007

Jolly me.

Day 5/365. Kind of like quitting's that first week you have to toughen out, then it's a cake walk from there. I really didn't want to do a self portrait today, thinking of it more as a chore than a creative outlet. I moaned a bit, then grabbed the camera and danced to happy Christmas songs. This is the result.

I've been in quite the jolly spirits lately. Not that anything super fantastic has happened but (ok, I'm know you're sick of me mentioning it but) after my accident, the everyday stuff makes me happy. Getting through a work day, gabbing to friends, emailing new one's, trying a new, local cafe, Popeye's chicken, a bear hug from Jeff, know, the everyday stuff. The little things you take for granted. I just wish it didn't take a car accident for me to realize this.

And can I say that I thought I was just the clever girl when I started my December Daily journal. But after checking the mighty ms Edwards blog, I thought, oh yeah, that's where I got my bright idea. Yeah. So I am happily renaming this years Christmas journal "My December". I'm putting the final touches on the cover tonight....I'll post it later along with day 5 and 6.

Hhmm...I feel like I'm forgetting to post something. I need to start jotting this stuff down. Yes, I did mention a RAK happening soon but I'm not sure if it will actually happen before the holiday. Sorry to disappoint. Shipping is just to costly for me right now with everything else going on but it will happen, that I can assure.

Ok, I'm pooped from re-arranging the craft room once again. This should work for about a month until I mess it all up and can't take it anymore :)


Oh yes, all the photos posted below are from Urban Outfitters.


dani j. said...

lovely photo :).

Ronalyn "foReveR" said...

Great Banner!

Love the self portraits.. another great idea!

Don't you just love moments of epiphanies? The realization that life, is all together too short.. My dad lived to be 92, and yet that was not long enough :)

Take it easy!

elizabeth said...

love the new banner!

and i love your sp!!! maybe after the first of the year i'll jump on this bandwagon :)

Vee said...

love love your new banner, you have the best ones! :) your self portraits are awesome and I so happy you have enjoying the everyday moments :)
have a wonderful weekend!!

Michelle said...

...the new header rocks!! awesome..=) great unexpected angle in the pic, too! =)

casey boyd said...

Great self portrait!
and I love the new banner, always something fun to admire.

jill said...

love how the self portrait turned out. me? i stink at self portraits but i do it anyway :)

have a great weekend!

Karen Travels said...

I tagged you for a little random fun. See my blog if you are interested in playing!

michelle said...

Kudos for quitting. Girl, I know how tough it can be and i'm glad you are working it out. When I quit, I finally just told myself that I was no longer going to be a slave to Can't wait to see your journal. you are always so inspiring.

Sharie said...

Looking forward to seeing your December journal. Fun self portrait!