Sunday, November 11, 2007

a white Sunday

Morning fellow bloggers. It's a beautiful white Sunday here in AK. There's about 3 inches of fresh powder and it's still coming down. After putting Reagan down for a nap, me and the dogs went outside to play. They love trying to catch snowballs but after the 10th one, my poor little hands had no feeling in them.(I can't seem to find a matching pair of gloves or mittens anywhere) I defrosted my digits with a hot cup of coffee and watched The Shot on VH1. Love that they've got a reality show about photographers. Check it out sometime.
My baby niece stayed with us again last night. She actually slept the whole night this time. I still kept waking up every couple of hours to check on her and yes, I checked to see if she was breathing. I'm just a little paranoid, that's all. She does this funny cheezy grin that is so funny right now. Love her. Her momma says she's always so happy when she picks her up from our house compared to other friends who watch her. I want to be that Aunt that she adores and trusts and has tons of fun with. Just like my aunt was to me.

Well, I have other photos to share from this weekend but I've got some scrapping to do. My December Studio Calico kit arrived last week and it is divine.

Happy Sunday!


Vee said...

wow, fresh snow!! i can't wait until it snows here. i love your boots! :)

michelle said...

I miss snow so much (we don't get any in Vegas). I was ALWAYs checked on my boys throughout the night cause I was afraid they would stop breathing (crazy huh?) anyways, can't wait to see your SC creations!

Natalie said...

So jealous of the freshies. I'm dying to take my board out for a powder ride. And there's a reality show about photography? I need to check it out. Thanks for the info.

jill s said...

anytime sage sees snow on tv she gets so excited and says she can't wait to play in the snow! i need to check that show out too! thanks for the heads up.

have a beautiful sunday evening.


Holly said...

Gaw! You only got 3 inches? I swear there's about 6 inches up here, and it's still going outside. It is beautiful, though! Had fun yesterday. Let me know what day you want to do craft night.

Ronalyn "foReveR" said...

Hi Tina! Okay, I'm officially hooked.. I'm also a blog junkie:) but never really met anyone from AK who also happens to enjoy scrapbooking.. and who LOVES UGS :) Love the shot!! Let me know if you want to do some FUN photos of you and your friend, ? I would LOVE to do them..:)

And it was beautiful indeed today.. You beat me to it.. I was just downloading my pics of the snow! Take care.. and you should CROP at the store.. I love your artsy creative side :)

renee said...

i tagged you : )