Friday, November 16, 2007

Hello Friday

Lot's to get done this weekend. Lot's. I really, really, really want to get all my shopping completed by Black Friday. Will it happen? I don't know but I'm very hopeful.

Today at lunch I will be meeting with my stylist(my sis in law)to shop for this years party dress.
Tonight Holly and I are checking out the holiday craft fair. I know I can get a lot of my shopping done there.
Tomorrow I'll be up bright and early to get my turkey and grocery shopping done for the week. Possibly even more Christmas shopping too. And I want to do a clean sweep the house and TRY to keep it clean through Christmas. A clean house=a happy wife, and crafter.
Sunday will be my scrap day. I want to finish up my all my dt stuff for Studio Calico including scanning and the close up shots.

I'm preparing myself for the craziness that'll happen next week. Work is going to be BUSY and Hectic. That's the way it goes in the retail business during the holidays. I'm just very thankful I'm behind the scenes and not at the stores. I don't miss my old job one bit. And I will not partake in the Black Friday extravaganza this year. Last year I ended up buying everything for myself. Silly me.

Happy Friday friends!


michelle raMirez said...

those shots are so cute!
good luck on the shopping bit too.
i love black friday!

Vee said...

i am like mR, love black friday, will be up early friday with my mom to hit the stores. I love your necklace and I will be cleaning all of tomorrow as well! :) have a great weekend! :)

Holly said...

I can't believe you're not going to Black Friday! I was actually going to see if you would go to Wal-Mart with me. I want to get Bryan a digital camcorder. And, I don't know anyone else crazy enough to go wait in line there. LOL! Oh, well. They might not even have a camcorder on sale anyway. Hopefully, I'll see you tonight (read the e-mail I sent you). Happy Friday!

Natalie said...

That second shot is just too cute. Love it. Scrap it ;)

And I have a love/hate relationship with Black Friday. We'll see what happens this year. Hope you're having a good weekend.

michelle said...

Love that necklace! Good luck with shopping. still on the fence about black friday.