Thursday, October 25, 2007

Evidence of a Wednedsay

I meant to blog yesterday but time seemed to escape me. I was so busy with work but didn't actually get anything done. How does that happen? I have had no formal training on Excel so I know that was one of the reasons. Trying to teach myself these programs takes a little time and a ton a patience. But I'm getting there. And I feel a great satisfaction when I can figure out those kinds of things on my own.

Lookie what I got.....from the fabulous Stacey Fike. Part of my Darejack winnings. Love it. The Dare girls are fab of course but I was most inspired by Jill Hornby.
I opted for my grungy Vans. I normally would not wear such dirty shoes to the office but my feet killed from the day before......and it just felt like a grungy, comfy Vans sort of day.

I was a bit brain-dead by the end of the day but today, after a good nights rest, I'm good to go. I did manage to do the current Dina Wakley jack. I'll post that later when I get home.

Oh and I ended my day snuggled in bed watching Gossip Girl. Where have I seen Serena's mom before? Was she on Melrose Place?

Happy Thursday ;)


Vee said...

love that book to def!! Yes, she was on melrose, i love her lines on gg. It was good last night, no?! awesome stuff, can't wait to see your jack and I that is my usual dress to work either, sneaks or flops, shhhh....don't tell anyone! :)

Michelle said... grungy vans! =) And lucky, you got the Dare book! I'm dying for it, just haven't had a chance to order it yet!..good luck with learning new software,'s definatley a patience tester! =) Love the new header, by the way! It rocks!

Holly said...

Love your new banner. :0) And, yay! You got the book! It's a good one.

Kal said...

Radical new banner, lady. Love it. Way better than the old one.

Rock and roll.

dani j. said...

that is currently my favorite book - lots of really good, gritty stuff!

Meg said...