Saturday, September 1, 2007


Can't stop listening to that song by 50 and JT.
I imagine a cool Shane Sparks dance routine to that song.
Yeah, I miss my dance show.

Here's the makings of my Missy jack:

And some fair photos from last weekend:

my cute little bro and his lady T. He so wanted to win something for her but missed by one point.
This thing is freaky....some sort of hybrid broccoli vegetable. I loved the vibrancy of the green.

Me trying to get one of those cool ferris wheel shots. Probably would of looked better in the dark.
and our crew. me, Jeff, dad, and Terrin's arm.....Eric is missing. Probably found something else to eat.
My weekend in a nutshell....
relax from a hectic work-week
dog baths
possible babysit
movie watching with the hubs
Have a long, safe, fun, worry-free weekend friends.


Barb said...

Love the detail shot of your Darejack supplies. Totally peaked my curiosity.

And, I do agree-that hybrid broccoli creature is strange but a cool color.

jill said...

sounds like fun times.

that hybrid broccoli looks crazy! not sure i'd take a bite of that.

have a happy sunday.


Holly said...

Cool pics! Yeah...I tried for that "cool" ferris wheel shot. Nightime would have worked sooo...much better! Oh, well. Maybe next year. Cool peekie at your jack materials. I am going to skip this one...not enough time to do ALL of those jacks. So, I'll start fresh on the next jack, but I can't wait to see what you have cooked up. Luvs to u.