Monday, August 13, 2007

positive monday

Picked up this little gem of a book at Barnes&Noble over the weekend. I had heard about it in blogland and didn't think anything of it until I held the real thing in my hands. Flipping through pages that gave instructions like.....burn this page, put something sticky here, take this journal in the shower with you......had to have it. That's my other beloved moleskin journal in the background. It goes everywhere with me. Every year I purchase or make a new journal but after getting the moleskin graph, it's been top dog as far as journals go. Love graph paper, makes sketching easier for me.

Finally getting back into normalcy. I owe a few of you emails, please don't think I've forgotten!! And if you've contacted me through Myspace, please know that I'm rarely there. Contact me at, k? Or post me up here.

Thanks to those who have let me know you've gotten your packages too! I was getting a little worried about yours Jill. I didn't get your email but saw your post ;) Thinking of doing another RAK soon, maybe with a with a handmade something, who knows...but stay tuned.

Also pondering on changing blogs again. Maybe going back to Typepad. What do you think? I know that's a blogger sin to change but I felt like I could do more with Typepad than here at Blogger. The free thing is the only thing that's stopping me.

As far as this week goes, I must:

return emails
look out for Poppy Ink and Red Velvet kits
finish entries for Studio Calico & Label Tulip DT call
catch up on bills
send Grandma a birthday card

Here's to getting things checked off the to do list! Have a good week people ;)


Lisa said...

I saw the wreck journal at Title Wave and almost purchased it. Good luck with it. I love abstract art and thinking.. getting outside the box! Oh.. Love your pic of sunshine. We had the best weekend ever! Alaska summers should always be this great :)

Vee said...

i want that book as well. May have to pop into borders soon for it, looks awesome!!
have a great weekend and hope you get items crossed off your list :)

Christal said...

Love your Journal... Heres to checking things off that to do list!

Holly said...

Glad you're finally back to the land of the living. ;0) Only 4 more weeks 'til I get to see you! I'm so excited. Just trying to tie things up around here. I painted my dining room yesterday. I'll post pictures on my blog later. Luvs ya!

Anilu Magloire said...

How cool! I'm waiting for my journal to arrive in the mail too ! Can't wait.


Great... my daughter got this book soemtime back too, I'm glad she is enjoying it, and I'm sure you will to. Hapy blogging!

Holly said...

I just bought that book myself...along with Living Out Loud by the same gal. They look yummy! That'll give me something to do while I'm back in the AK.