Monday, August 20, 2007

Monday already??

Jeez, seriously.

had a good, relaxing weekend. roasted marshmallows, got all my DT submissions in, made a Sam's Club run, watched Beerfest on HBO, slept in. Like I said, a relaxing weekend.

the State Fair starts this week....excited about that. We're all going this Saturday for Dad's birthday-hey old man-should be fun. haven't gone in years so hopefully all the same stuff with be new again. is it sad that I'm most looking forward to cotton candy, and funnel cakes??
Here's some things I got done:

Have a good week folks!


Vee said...

love love love it all!!
stunning :)
love the fair, it will be that time soon around here too! :)

jill said...

your work seriously takes my breath away. and i really can't say that about very many people. i love it. you seriously inspire me. i really really hope you get on those design teams. you are amazing.


Lisa said...

Wow Tina, everything looks so fantastic. Are you entering anything at the fair? You certainly should. I'm going, don't know when. I didn't enter anything this year, but I'm definately going to look at everyone's on display there.

Ady said...

love that album. Too cute... Thanks for all the wonderful comments on SIStv. They truly make my day...Goodnight.