Friday, August 17, 2007

I'm walking on sunshine, woah

and don't it feel good! alright now.

Have any of you seen the movie High Fidelity with John Cusack and Jack Black? Remember when Jack's character walks into work, puts in his mixed tape and this song by Katrina and the Waves comes on and he's doing that funny dance......this is my current mood.

Everyone here seems to be in the same good mood. I can't wait to get off work and chill.

Nothing much more to say other than I hope you all have an awesome day and weekend!

And if you have a moment, please send my good friend Holly and her husband Bryan your prayers. Her father in law past away Wednesday. Love you Hol.


Lizz said...

I'm in that same mood too! LOL

Barb said...

A good mood for no particular reason?
Sounds perfect!

Holly said...

Thanks, girl. I love you too. And, I'll be seeing you soon. Still waiting to find out when Bryan will actually get here. I'm all packed and ready to go...just waiting, waiting, waiting. Last time I talked to him was 3 am my time (11 pm for you). He was still stuck in Qatar, waiting for a flight to Germany. I really can't wait to see have no idea. I need a hug, and Hazel wants to see her Auntie Tina. We have a present for you. :0)

MsGrace said...

I lvoe when my mood is like that.
BTW i love the movie High Fidelity...I feel it speaks to me as music is always running in my head like a soundtrack to my


dani said...

I LOVE that movie!

Stacey said...

Good post.