Sunday, July 15, 2007

sunday groove

started the weekend with the creative blahs. Trying hard to kick that feeling and I'm getting there. Throwing paint to paper, journaling, and listening to DMB, and Death Cab for Cutie has helped...a lot. It's quiet, a little chilly from the rain, the mood for scrapping is set. Here's what I did today.


Vee said...

love them all, girl you have the best pages!!
seem me some of that creative juice, I only did one layout this weekend :)

Shayla Vokey said...

hey tina!!
i just saw that you added me as a link!!
that's too cool.
i haven't changed mine in awhile, i will add you too!
you did however spell my last name wrong, tisk tisk...chris would be very upset! just kidding!
today is my birthday!!! yay, 27 for me!
hope you have a great day and talk to you later!

dani said...

I know what it's like to feel "blah" creativly! And I am doing a page every day this month, so that has been interesting! Great pages girl!

elizabeth said...

love em all but esp. dig the bday lo.

i could use a lil of them myself :)