Friday, June 1, 2007

Friday Fives

This little munchkin is Maggie. She's is our good friends daughter and she is a serious ham. She knows I carry a camera with me and she new I had it yesterday when I went to go watch her and little brother. Oh how a scrapper loves a kid who's easy to capture on film!

Ok so here are my Friday Fives. A very random list because I don't have enough brain power to think of something clever.

Things you'll always find on my desk at work:
*a bag of pretzels or some kind of snack
*Purell hand sanitizer
*Starbucks coffee or ice tea
*my cellie....for those quick texts to the hubby or homegirl or dad or bro-ham
*chapstick or lip gloss...I loathe chapped lips

This weekend....chillin'. J's going over to help his parents with some construction work over at their home. So that means I've gotta do the Sam's Club run myself which I hate. Then to Nordstroms to return a shirt I shouldn't of purchased. I loved the print but I have to remember prints don't work on me. They do better on my paper. Which reminds me, I just put a little order in over at Two Peas....wish it could magically appear on my doorstep when I get home tonight but being that I just put the order in 4 hours ago..................

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Lisa said...

cute picture - love your friday fives too!