Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Tommy doesn't shake hands, Tommys gotta hug

Dropped Eric and Terrin off at the airport early yesterday morning. As I hugged them goodbye, I couldn't help but notice how everyone there simultaneously took luggage out of the trunk of their car and hugged the person who was leaving. I loved that. It was good to see people actually love. Lately I've been wondering where all the love has gone, it's at the departure section of the airport.

So they are in Vegas right now, hopefully having the time of their lives. New parents on their first vacation together. Terrin is actually meeting my family for the first time while down there. She was nervous but she's so outgoing, I really don't think she'll have any problems. I love that girl. And soon she will become my sister in law, super excited about that since she's already my homegirl.

I really didn't feel like listening to radio this morning so I stuck my ipod on shuffle and realized I've got songs I need to erase, like "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas". Back on Keane and Imogen Heap. Very calming.

Am I the only person in the whole scrapping world who doesn't have a fancy shmancy camera??? I'm hating right now. I like my little Pentax digital but I want a Cannon Rebel dammit! Maybe later this year after the other millions of things I need to purchase.

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mere said...

no - you're not the only one! i just "upgraded" to a compact canon digital (the newer version of the elph) a few months ago - before that had an hp digital camera. and while i love love the great photos those rebels get, the portability of the smaller camera is better for me (and i keep telling myself that!!) (p.s. now i can't remember how i stumbled across your blog - but i've been checking it out for a few weeks and love it - you even have the same blogspot layout as me, just different colors - and i especially appreciated the link to scrapjacked - i didn't know about them!!)