Friday, May 4, 2007

She said yes!

My little brother is now engaged to his sweetie! So freakin' happy! I was tearing up when she told me how he proposed. They're in Vegas right now. They were in front of the Bellagio at the water show, and he was nervous, naturally. She said it was so romantic. LOVE IT! This has made my Friday even sweeter. Hooray for love!

Anyhoo, here at the office, hoping the day goes by fast. Not going to any super crops or anything for National Scrapbook Day but I am dedicating my Saturday to some much need creative goodness. I want to try to finish a mini-book and get a few layouts done. I'm going to clean my room tonight so I have a clean slate to work with tomorrow. Maybe download some new tuneskys and create a playlist for this wonderful holiday.

Went to my local scrap store yesterday, our only scrap store. It recently had a re-grand opening, new owners and all. Not really happy with it though, miss the old store. It seems like it's beginning scrap owners gearing towards beginning scrappers which is cool, gotta start some where. I'm just not into it, I've always been able to find something at the old store but I've actually walked out several times empty handed at the new one. Because of this, I invested in some kits online for the first time. I've been very reluctant on these kits for awhile for two reasons.

1. They're always sold out.
2. I would already have a couple of items in these kits and didn't want two sets of letters stickers or paper.

I ordered the Office Space from Zingboom. I was lucky to come across her blog and see the she had extra kits. I also ordered May's kit from the Cupcake Scrap Shop. My two loves in one, cupcakes, and scrapping. Hopefully they'll be here by next week 'cause I'm jonesing for some new stuff.

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