Friday, May 11, 2007

First Fives

For the love of top five lists I will post my random fives every Friday just for the hell of it.

First five things I do when I start my day

  1. Before getting out of bed, I take my basal body tempurature. Google it if you don't know what the hell I'm talking about.
  2. Jeff brings me a hot cup o joe. Can't do much before this point, coffee is a must for me.
  3. The usual...potty, hair, make up and trying to find something to wear that hides my muffin top.
  4. Stop by the coffee shop for skinny white mocha or Starbucks for the lucious Cinamon Dolce latte...serious goodness here and even though I make it a nonfat, I still have to have whip. Do not judge me. I'm that person who get a cheeseburger, fries and diet Coke.
  5. Get to work, put on the coffee for the office folks and blog surf. Shameless with the blog surfing while at work, I know this. But I work hard and get my projects done and I don't take 50 smoke breaks.

Got this in the mail yesturday and was so giddy. This is my very first kit, I should be getting one from Zingboom shortly. Kits scared me for so long but I'm easing into it. I was happy to get some Scenic Route stuff since my LSS doesn't carry it. AND I have to say that I take back a little what I wrote about them earlier. I went there this week and picked up a few things. They're starting to get better companies in and the ladies there are really nice. I'm just hating because I miss the old owner. I would walk in and she would greet me by my first name. It was comfortable. Now I'm being asked several times if I need help. I'm not one that likes to be bothered when browsing.

Back to work...

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